Good price for tempest 170

I hope I’m not violating a forum rule by asking this question here. But I wanted to know if anyone can suggest what a good price would be for a 2009 tempest 170. Assume its in good condition (I haven’t seen it yet). Thanks!

Plastic or glass?


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Definitely depends on condition. I got a STEAL on a 2007 plastic Tempest 170 in almost new condition for $500. I felt guilty driving away with it because I don't think the guy knew what it was worth. A NEW plastic is about $1800. Glass about double that, so find out what kind of condition it's in and work back from there.

For a 2009 I wouldn't pay more than $1000 probably, but I'm not an expert at pricing.

my guess
If plastic, $500-800. 2009 isn’t that new, so there is some age related price reduction built into my guess. Scratches would be fine, cracking anywhere or serious fading in sun exposed areas not so much.

its plastic

There are just a lot of used boats on the market right now. Some people think they can get close to list.

Check the bulkheads
That age of plastic kayak might have detached bulkheads

Maybe most important
Check the keel line for straightness. Turn the boat upside down and sight down the keel from stem to stern. If it isn’t straight–forget it.