Good price on a Fathom

I have an opportunity to purchase a hardly used used Eddyline Fathom. What would a good price be for this?

How old is it?

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I don’t know
and owner is presently out of state. Clains excellent condition, only used a few times, stored indoors. I believe he had some back problems and stop a few years ago. Don’t know more than that at this time.

Over a thousand
New, the Fathom sells for $2700. I found a couple of Fathoms listed on Clist - $1500-$1600 (seven-year-old boats). Someone was asking $2,000 for a 2012 model.

Eddylines are high quality boats with a good resale value.

I paddled a Fathom LV Friday. Of the four LV boats I’ve demoed this year (two Valleys, one North Shore), the Fathom LV fit best and was the lightest weight. Also fast.

Fathom & LV fit quite different.
I had to be very patient to get $1200 out of my Fathom LV this spring, but it had scuffs from being used on the Great Lakes and regional markets can vary significantly. Just didn’t seem to be much interest in that model around here during that time. Very few inquiries.

Difference in width, too.
Fathom is 22" wide, LV is 21". Fathom also longer than LV. Same cockpit size as my Samba, which is nice.

Don’t know the OP’s location, weight, height, or where he paddles, but if he’s not of small stature and light weight, the Fathom should work.

I knew your LV was for sale, but too many miles to travel for a demo.

My LV went to a good home.
The new owner has been using the heck out of it this summer.

Thought it might be a great deal?

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The guy is asking $1750 with skeg, spray skirt and cockpit cover. I offered $1500 thinking he would refuse but accepted it. Thought I was getting a steal!!! I have a heck of a Road Trip to get it. Still don't know the age but it looks hardly used!

I'm 6' 2" at 205lbs. 58yrs old beginner kayaker. Just bought a Perception Caroliner 14.5 2-3 weeks ago. Am I jumping the gun?

All EDY touring boats have skegs
and sliding seats. Being able to adjust the seat position is a big plus for me since I can fine tune my leg position.

I hope you don’t plan to buy it without paddling it first.

Important that you arrange for lessons with a qualified instructor, especially on using a skirt and wet-exits.

Thanks for the tips!
Been out about 8 times so far and with some experienced paddlers. Getting a lot of advice and tips!

Still need to know what a ggod deal is. Hoping to hear more about the age of this kayak tonight! Looks hardly used from the pics.

They are guessing at
4-5 years old. Haven’t been used for 3 years due to a car accident. Never recovered enough to use. Been garaged the entire time.

Age is determined by the last 2 digits
of the HIN (hull identification number), which should be on the right side of the stern either just below or above the hull/deck (top/bottom) seam of the boat.

If it’s not on the right side, have them check the other side.

The owner is
presently out of state! No way of checking the numbers till they get home.

are you sure?

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I'm always very suspicious of anyone who advertises a costly item for sale (especially for what seems like a bargain price) and then claims to be "out of town" for a period of time. More often than not, that is a sign of a scam and their "absence" eventually escalates into a complicated plan for a prospective buyer to transfer funds or arrange for "shipping" for a boat that doesn't actually exist.

Until you can physically see and inspect this "bargain" I would not get too invested in the idea. Unless the seller can give you a firm date and location to look at the boat, you should be skeptical.

Think about it: why would someone advertise something for sale at a time when they knew they would not be around to show it to buyers? I point this out as somebody who has been buying large items (including bikes, cars, trailers, RV's and lots of boats) through Craigslist for many years. In my experience, the more elaborate the excuse for selling an item and any stalling on being able to see it are major red flags. Just be cautious.


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kayaks do not have one. I think it is laughable when I read so many ads stating used twice and all the other BS. I mean you bought a boat for 3-4 grand and used it once or twice? LOL Last two digits in serial number are the year. Check it out carefully for cracks and fractures inside and out. Check around the combing inside and out. Check seat is still firmly mounted / bonded to hull.

I did buy a Current Design Solstice and all the gear, skirt, werner paddle, C-tug and some other stuff worth over 4 grand with no sales tax added for 1800 bucks. I think it was a good deal at less than 3 years old. One scratch light on hull bottom none on deck. Guy just didn't use it much. Deals are out there you need patience nost of the time or lot's of luck.

People can post pictures they took when it was new. Long drive make him say the pictures are current or a video slowly showing entire boat top and bottom & preferably both sides.

The listing is
on CL for a while before they had a scheduled vacation. They are not asking for money transfers or anything. They sound a little older on the phone and probably figured it would have sold and sold locally. When I list something on CL I expect it to sell locally.

I have been advised that for the ride and the cost involved to travel that this is not as good a deal as I thought.

I will spend more time with my Carolina 14.5 for now. If I had a bit more room for my feet and legs I would keep this longer.

dating photos
A method I used to use when I was a construction manager to document progress (or lack thereof) on worksites was to place the front headline page of the newspaper dated that day in the foreground photos I took. This illustrates that the photo could not have been taken earlier than that date, unlike digital date stamps which can be manipulated.

So if you are ever unsure of the age of images you can ask sellers to shoot some pics with that day’s paper lying on the deck of the boat.

It’s so easy to post multiple closeup shots of any item these days to share via the net that there is no excuse for not providing them.

figure what you want to spend and search but don’t panic you will see what you money can get. Good deals re out there. Your right cost of getting it should also be considered. I bought a Current Designs Extreme for real cheap 300 but travel in time was 3-4 hours each way i forgot. Then I restored it and modified it.