Good price on a nice dry bag link

-- Last Updated: Dec-15-05 11:13 AM EST --

Check this out if you need any more drybags....that air valve is a nice feature, and the fabric is light and flexible. I purchased an orange one, the version without the compression straps, this summer for about $30....and have been very happy with it so far. I do like to find something nice on sale!

Veggieannie: ever get the Prijon Motion?

good $ in all Nigel videos

and likely not any to even demo for a few hundred miles. I sure would like to try a Motion, Kodiak and Barracuda. I was just reading about them all over again on their website this week when I should have been wrapping gifts…!

How does this type of dry bag
hold up over time? Do these coated nylon type bags keep out the water over years of use?

My friends have recommended the Sealine (sp?) brand of bags to me.

Also, is there an issue w/PVC type bags?

Wish you lived closer, you could demo