Good quality paddles

How much do I need to spend to get decent quality paddles? Thanks.

Kayak, canoe, paddle board . . . ? Before you make a big investment in a paddle, figure out what type of paddle you need, and the proper length. You can get a nice kayak paddle for $150, but a light weigh paddle is closer to $350 and $500. Decide whether you want a large blade or a narrow blade for higher cadence . . . Need to define your use.

For touring kayaking - much would hold true for other paddle sports:

There is an awful lot of individual preference in paddles, so at first I usually recommend people use something cheap (used or lower end new) until they figure out what they like. Not the total entry level product, but something that would function as a spare paddle after you figure out what to upgrade to.

Once they have a decent feel for what length and blade shape, I usually steer them to mid-level gear, with fiberglass blades and carbon or glass shaft. Example being the Werner “premium” category, which run about $300 for straight shaft, 2 piece.

I charge $400 for a custom made Aleutian paddle

great advice

Paddling what and your budget?

oh sorry, its for a canoe…mostly lakes, ponds etc…

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I use Zaveral carbon canoe paddles (bent blade and straight blade) for the most part but there’s one paddle I have that I also like and that’s the FoxWorx Roka straight blade canoe paddle.

It’s a reasonable 17 to 18 oz in weight and costs $155 USD. I keep it as a spare but find that I enjoy using it every so often just because it’s fairly well balanced and has a nice feel in the water. All in all a good deal.


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My current Greenland paddle cost $3.10 plus some boiled linseed oil and some borrowed hand tools. :- )

Goofy thread. Depends where you are in your paddling hobby and what makes you happy. It’s different for everyone.

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My father has a Bell canoe paddle, in his closet. It is a Peter Puddicombe design. He is thinking so selling it, locally. Any estimates on what it is worth? It is basically like new. Most of the abrasions, are from moving it around in the closet.