Good racing news!

for all of you that enjoyed the Bogey and Bacall races down in Key Largo.

They are going to be having them again in February. The 13 miler is on Saturday the 4th, and the seven miler is on Sunday the 5th

I don’t have any more details except that they are having all the normal classes and have even added a SUP class

jack L

Good Morning, Jack
I’m getting in some “JackL lifestyle” rehearsal this week. I’m on vacation. Did some biking last evening and headed to Jordan Lake for some kayaking this morning. All after doing my chores, of course. Hope I can retire and do the FL thing sometime. (My Bacall will likely be at the mall and not in a boat.)

Hope your knee is all mended.

The knee is great
Nanci and I did a 37 miler sunday on the bikes, and a 24 miler yesterday in the canoe.

Danm wind was supposed to be only 10MPH, and we had it at our backs for the first 12 or 13 miles. Then when we turned to come back, “murphy’s law” kicked in and it picked up to 15/20 and had swung around and was quartering in our face with white caps all the way back. Many times we had to both paddle our hearts out both on the same side, and then even do some rudder strokes just to keep the boat straight.

We got a few breaks when we were able to duck in a cove here or there.

We are training for the annual Suwannee river race which comes up in two weeks, and needless to say we will probably be praying for some wind to keep us cool.

One of these days I’ll convince you how much fun racing is, and the great bunch of people that you get to hob nob with.

Jack L

Miss it by a week…
Man, I’ll be in Miami the 3rd week of January. I’d love to race that one. We’ve got a growing race scene in Charleston. It started with SUPs, but we just got Surfskis, race kayaks, prone boards, and OC-1s added.


Maybe I can make it…
Turns out my trip to Miami is the 4th week. Maybe I can stay over. What rental shops do you recommend. I could go SUP or Surfski. I’m not fast, but I do love a race.

Wow! Where did all the racers go?
Several years ago this was the hottest topic on, except for “rudder vs skeg” and the “Grey Thing” of coarse.

Florida Bay Outfitters
right there where the race will start on Key Largo.

Good people, and I know they have SUP’s for rent.

I don’t know if they have any surf skis for rent.

jack L

Shhhhhh… don’t tell any one.
that kind of guarantees us a first place !

Jack L

watching tv
Pretty sad how friday night is all about WATCHING high school football. Saturday is all about WATCHING COLLEGE. Sunday andmonday night as all about WATCHING nfl. The epitaph on our national gravestone could say, “They watched a lot of tv on their way to the nursing home to have a male nurse change their diaper.”

i watch all of those
And still race. I’ll be in natchez next week for the phatwater challenge.

Ryan L.

I couldn’t agree more Dave
And the biggest percentage of them are fat and out of shape

Jack L

Jack, did that earn you a cheeseburger?

im glad
You guys have pigeon holed the entirety of football fans.

Ryan L.

OK, so a couple of them are …
wanna be jocks who pick up a weight now and then when they put their beer down.

Jack L

Absolutely !
We call them “fatburgers” and normally only allow ourselves one after a long race, but we got one on the way home

jack L

Doin’ a few quick 12 oz curls
and chain smoking a few cigs really gets my heart rate up there!

High school football on TV?
Not in my area.

Watching high school football at my age is my only option, since I’m too old for them to allow me to play.

check the espn networks
But apparently you can’t kayak and watch football. Watching football excludes one from being fit

Ryan L.

Someones toes get stepped on ???
Jack L

where are the races??? we need more southeast races

come on !! a race is not hard to put on