Good rental trip in San Diego?

Gonna be in San Diego for awhile. Any good trips with rentable gear I should check out? I do flat water canoeing and open water kayaking but open to whatever is available.

Check out Aqua Adventures
for rental gear, possible trips. I suggest a trip out Mission Bay to La Jolla Shores and back

second Aqua Adventures
I second Aqua Adventures. They are the highest level paddle sports shop in the area. Jenn Kleck, the owner, is BCU 5 star. Means she also even knows how to canoe, which isn’t common out here.

Most of the shops in San Diego do SOTs and SUPs.

Jen Kleck @ Aqua Adventures
I third aqua adventures. If you’re looking for a fun trip, see if she’ll take you around Point Lomo, from the port of San Diego to Mission Bay.

(by the way, Jen is actually a L5 coach - one of 3 Americans, I believe - as well as BCU 5-star leader)

A fourth vote for Aqua Adventures
Good equipment, Jen’s knowledge, reasonable rates, and a great on-water location.

If you don’t mind using a SOT, she co-owns a sister outfit in LaJolla also. It is NOT the high-volume outfit in that town, so ask Jen herself if you want to rent right there. I think the name was something along the lines of “LaJolla Bike and Kayak”.

AA trips
IF you are up to it the Baja Paddle Fest would be great. I can highly recommend the trips to Todos Santos or the Baja sea caves. Unclear on the webpage when they go. But both are trips you would never forget.

I’m in Lajolla surfing two or three mornings a week, if you rent a boat send a note and I’ll say hello.

Check out
Aqua Adventures, located on south side of Mission Bay. Tim

The festival
Believe me, I want to go. In fact, I had set aside money and planned to attend. The same day I was printing out the registration forms and other info was when I hurt my back and hip.

I don’t know how late I can wait to sign up and actually get a flight to SD, accommodations at the festival, etc. Am waiting to see if I feel up to it. Right now, I think it would be pretty risky since that’s only about 1.5 months away and I am just starting to paddle now (short, sheltered, flatwater). There’s a pool roll practice session soon and I’ll get a better idea then. Meanwhile, I’m continuing PT and home exercises.

I’m looking at Plan B if I don’t get to Baja this spring. I am so ticked off at myself for having gotten hurt–it was totally avoidable. But at least I am able to paddle at all.

Sorry to hear you had an accident…
Hope things improve quickly .

I’m slowly grinding my vertebrae together and it’s starting to get worse. Falling apart.

It’s like cars
Another paddler was lamenting how despite his excellent cardio health his skeletal parts were getting creaky. I had been noticing the same thing with myself and joked that we were like cars or trucks with good engines but suspensions getting (ab)used into an early demise.

And that was long AFTER I had quit road racing and mtb’ing gnarly trails.

Take care, and I hope to make back to LJ in the not-too-distant future.

if you can make it, hope 2 see you there
I am going for the first weekend.

It’s a nice arrangement, the weekends
Allows the southern CA residents to bite off a chunk around their work schedules, which in turn (I think) allows the festival a better chance of being financially viable. I hope so.

actually coming from NorCal
I am probably driving down (which is 8+ hours from here to San Diego) and my girlfriend is flying in.