Good river & lake kayak?


I’m about to buy my first kayak (although I’ve been using a friends for years) and am looking for some advice. The area I’m in has lots of lakes and Class II rivers. I would like to do more rapids, but for the most part I will be going through some slow water so a whitewater kayak is not an option. What I am looking for is something that can be paddled through some slow water when needed, but could still handle some whitewater. I’ve been looking at the OT Rush or Old Town Casco. Would these be a good choice or does someone have a better suggestion? Thanks.

Try the
OT Sport Jolt. Seems to be a good crossover boat from what I’ve heard. Gonna try one myself sometime soon.

more info needed
SOT or sit inside?

How much weight do you plan to have on board?

sit in
sit in - I live up in Canada and spring time is not the time you want to be getting wet. I also just finished looking at a Wilderness Systems Pamilco - anyone tried this?

Thanks for the replies.

Good river and lake kayak
You might look at the Dagger Blackwater 11.5. I have it, about 25 in. wide with a drop down skeg for lakes, good rocker for rivers, and handles most of the compromises between lake boats and river boats very nicely. Stay awa from the Dagger Blackwater 10.5 – for some reason its a little heavier and wider, making it not quite as responsive as the 11.5. The 11.5 runs about $720 US; the 10.5 is about a $100 less, but you give up a lot.


Jumpie- I’m having a ball with my
Prijon Calabria on lakes and rivers. It’s fairly versatile and you may want to give it a look.