Good sea kayaking magazine

I am looking to get a subscription to a sea kayaking magazine, and wondered what people considered to be good.

Mostly want to read articles about paddling destinations (preferably ones reachable from NorCal, as these would be the ones I would most likely go to) and have skills education information.

Not looking so much for one that does lots of product reviews.

Sea Kayaker
is one of the better ones.

maybe not
I like Sea Kayaker magazine, but I don’t think it’s what the original poster asked for. Sea Kayaker seems to be more about gear, technique, risk assessment, and Grand Destinations than about lists of places to paddle in a given area. (I repeat that I like all that stuff.)

I’d say the original poster is better off Googling and joining BASK or other regional groups. Or posting here on

– Mark

Wavelength Magazine

and it’s free.


not quite that tight into the area
Not quite that tight in to NorCal.

I guess I was trying to avoid seeing articles about people kayaking in Jamaica or Spain, as I would not likely go to these places. But articles of the west coast would be useful for me (I have paddled as far from NorCal a Baja and the San Juans). Maybe even some of the better destinations elsewhere.

Oh, I am a member of BASK already.

That’s a good one Andy!
Thanks, I learn something every day…

Adventure Kayak mag
a cheeky Canucklehead mag, very good, from the publisher of Rapid, the best ww rag around. similar approach, big surprise.

kayak magazine

Wavelength is a good mag, featuring destinations in the San Juans, and other B.C. locations. CCK in Jack London Sq. usually carries them for “free”, or you could come to a BASK meeting and get a freebee from Penny Wells when they come out. I believe they are on line also.


Adventure Kayak
the Canadians have got a corner on all the good mags

Story on BC Marine Trail
The June Sea Kayaker had a good article on the British Columbia Marine Trail and the August issue has one on the Catalina Islands in Southern California – to give you some examples.

And I also agree with the praise of Adventure Kayak. I find myself reading it cover to cover. Although based in Canada, it has a lot on U.S. destinations (probably because of the hard water up there many months of the year). The latest issue focuses on safety issues and has a funny takeoff (pun intended) on the preflight instructions you get on airplanes: “In the unlikely even of a loss of kayak equilibriaum, oxygen will automatically be located above your had. Pull the cord in front of you to exit the cockpit, swim to the surface, and breathe normally.”


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I have downloaded the last couple of issues of Wavelength. Definitely a good magazine. Wish it wasn't $20 for 4 issues, or that the places that carry it near me would be closer ($4 bridge toll to get to CCK in Oakland, plus gas - kind of expensive for a free magazine).

Going to pick up a copy of seakayaker today. Will check it out, and subscribe if it looks as good as you guys say.

Thanks for a tip.