good skirt for sirocco?

Anyone have recommendation for a skirt that wont release? I’ve got an immersion research excursion skirt (large) that keeps popping when I’m practicing high braces (pops open on side). I’ve already sanded the tupperware combing and that doesnt seem to be helping. Anyone have a skirt brand & size they can guarantee wont pop under high brace conditions or other recommendations to keep this baby on the combing?

Both Wildwasser and Snapdragon
skirts work with the Sirocco. I would suggest getting an all neoprene white water skirt if you are going to be high bracing and rolling.

no problem with my Snap skirt. don’t get a size that you can barely fit on, too tight is not good.

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The rubber rand is made for plastic boats. Some(not all) bungee skirts were designed for composite cockpit rims and don't work well on plastic boats.