Good solo canoe for lakes/class 1-3 WW?

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Hi! I'm new to this forum. I'm in the market for a solo canoe that I can take on small lakes, streams and can handle lighter whitewater rivers. I have looked at a few models, including the Wenonah Argosy and the Mad River Freedom. Can anyone comment on these or suggest any others?

I tried the Wenonah solo but the
oversize stem caught every whimper of wind and blew the boat around. Mohawk Canoes make a great line of solo canoes. They sell direct to customers so the prices are good. These boats are well designed, well built, tough and long lasting solos. You can’t go wrong with a Mohawk.

Class III is not “light” WW
Jack L

Asking a lot from a boat
going from lakes to class III whitewater. I have a Bell Yellowstone Solo. It’s OK on lakes, but there are definitely better boats for dedicated lake travel. It will also handle class I and II whitewater, but I wouldn’t take it on a real class III river. I suggest that you decide where you are going to be paddling more frequently (rivers or lakes), and get a boat that fits that niche. Yellowstone is definitely more of a river boat. I like mine a lot.

We had the same thought

You’re right, I was being a bit over zealous. I should have said class 1 or 2.

Thanks, I’ll check them out!

Solo boats for lakes and easy whitewater
The Swift Osprey is the best boat made for what you want. I’ve had mine up in the II/III border as well as out on Moosehead Lake in the wind and been pretty pleased.

The Bell Wildfire is pretty good as is the Royalex Bell Yellowstone. Neither is as efficient on flatwater nor as dry in the waves as the Osprey.

The Mad River Guide aka Freedom solo is a great river runner. In kevlar it’s a pretty fair lake boat as well. I’ve got limited experience in that But if my Osprey was irreplaceable that’s what I’d be looking for.

Try Mohawk Odyssey 14
I paddled an Argosy extensively in all kinds of water and it was a great all-purpose boat but limited in its whitewater capabilities due to its sharp stems and little rocker. Also had a Mad River Guide but actually liked the Argosy better. After owning about 15 different solo canoes, I have settled on the Mohawk Odyssey 14 which is very capable in WW up to class III and paddles about 90% as well as the Argosy on flat water. It is a fantastic boat!