Good source of used composite canoes in Southeast or Mid-Atlantic US

I am looking for a used tandem composite canoe, ~17 feet long, such as the Wenonah Spirit II or Escape, for use on nearby lakes and blackwater rivers in Central & Eastern North Carolina. I am interested in a composite boat due to weight. The used paddling market around here is mostly kayaks and poly & aluminum canoes.

Does anyone know of good sources for used, demo, or discounted canoes in my region? Sites that I am aware of are 1-2 days’ drive for me: Piragis and other outfitters, Oak Orchard, Hayward Outfitters. Craigslist is alright when I search the listings of farther away communities. A couple of sites like and seem to harvest listings from various sources without a way to interact with sellers.

I may have to suck it up and make a journey, but thought I would check with others first. Thanks for any input or guidance!

Appomattox River outfitters is a source to check.