Good Sun hat that you can roll in....

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I paddle mostly Lake Superior and the bay for my fittness paddles. I have made a goal to end all my 3- 5 sessions a week with some rolling practice so as to further lock in that muscle memory. I generally been paddling in a big straw hat that is comfortable and good sun protection. Has a leather keeper for keeping it from being blown away. Now I just toss in on shore when I roll. In Fall and winter, I wear a neoprene skull cap. I am looking for a good hat for warmer weather to wear paddling that I can roll in...... Thinking maybe Kokatat southwester or sunwester, something like that. Appreciate opinions.


surfing hats

There is a lighter grey version.

check patagonia’s surf hat.nm

Columia’s version of a boonie hat
I just shove it under my deck bungies and roll away.

Sticking with straw

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If you want to stay with straw, there are the Riverz hats, made of polystraw with coolmax sweatbands and chincords. I've been using a Delta for all my paddling for 8 years or so and it's still going strong:

You'd think plastic would be hot, but they're open weave. Also, I got tar on mine and it washed off with a toothbrush and Dawn liquid detergent. They seem expensive, but they really are nearly indestructible.

There's a similar polypro straw hat from Orvis:

It's actually a re-branded Joe Fedora by Riverz - it's a more flexible weave that doesn't stand up to winds as well. The Delta holds up much better, but I have not rolled while wearing it. It does float, so maybe that will help on the snap up...

OR Seattle Sombrero
I picked up a goretex Seattle Sombrero by Outdoor Research a few weeks ago (snagged it at a thrift store for $6). I thought due to the napped poly lining it would be a cool weather hat but ended up taking it for a 6 hour paddle a few days later on a warm day that turned pretty rainy and windy. It was very secure and very comfortable – breathed well and was not at all hot. Even soaking wet the brim didn’t droop. I’ve tended to be a straw hat fan myself but this hat impressed me. It will be my go-to hat for now.

Too hot in summer
The Seattle Sombrero is a great hat for cool weather but I find it is way too hot when air temps rise above about 55 degrees. I wear a visor and sunglasses for sun protection and just swap them with a neoprene cap when rolling.

Yes to the surf hats. Sunday Afternoon’s
I settled on this one 2 years ago and it has been great. Honestly, if you’re worried about style or looks then look elsewhere. I’m OK with function over form.

no day hatch?
Which is where l toss stuff like floppy sun hats before rolling.

roll what in?

Get a Tilley and use the chin strap.

Some beef, beans, cheese…
Gives new meaning to “I’ll eat my hat!”