Good thing no kayaks were around when this happened

June 26, 2021.


If you know how to surf it could have been a lot of fun


Spray was 10-12’ waves don’t look like big. Scary if you were hugging the shore closely looking a rocks. Probably happens a lot and nobody is around. Cool video like an glacier shearing off.

Pictured Rocks on Lake Superior is one of the most visited landmarks in the upper peninsula, not only by paddlers but hikers as well.

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Reminder, don’t hike too close to the cliff’s edge.

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Now by divers

Happened to a kayak tour group a few year (s) ago… They were close but not caught.

:wink:waves? Looked more like 3 ft.

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Video of the close call in 2019:

Wow.! Not sure where that broke off but I was in the vicinity before. I paddled right
along that whole wall the whole 19 miles a few times.
I know if you park there it is a bad spot, but it is amazing. I seen the Miners Castle tower prior to
it’s partial collapse. Sail rock when it was pointing straight up. That is violently dynamic coast.

Peace J


Always good to remember that those big rocks fall down as you tour through rocky places. This is some sea caves on Sand Island, in the Apostles.

Always good to remember as we paddle through these places that those big rocks above.

… all give in to gravity sooner or later and fall down.