Good times on the James River water trail


Roving bands of thuggish kayakers.

Drinking on the river - can’t imagine.

Over the years, there have been a couple of people on trips that I would have liked to leave behind, but I wouldn’t have hit them on the back of the head with the paddle.

Unfortunate, the Saco River from NH into ME is notorious for attracting these types of paddlers as well.


I paddled once at Buchanan and it was far less exciting. I also used it as a resupply town for the AT without incident.

I could make a lot of bad jokes about their behavior- they should of smoked weed, good thing they weren’t canoers, just kayakers. It’s all good until you lose an eye or get a head laceration. The EMTs are probably wearing helmets in case they have to do paddle combat with them. Beer floats and pop sinks- probably why they were drinking, didn’t want to lose their beverages. They should have been drinking PBR- stands for Paddle Boats Responsibly

If they are charged with boating while intoxicated, in Virginia it is treated the same as a DWI and they could lose their driver’s licenses.