Good water shoes?

New boat, Epic 18X. My Solomon Amphibs seem too big for the cockpit. I need something, mainly for my heels. Any suggestions for a good water shoe? Thanks for any help.

merrill makes some good amphibous sandals. not sure the ame of them, but I bought a pair late last summer from nordstrams and love them.

check out

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Sierra Trading Post. My Ahnu's are $80 at REI, got 'em for $38 at Sierra. They usually have several different types, Teva, Merrill, Ahnu etc...

Vibram Five Fingers
I use them for cockpit space, they are barely bigger than your feet. I bought the neoprene half boot style on ebay for $45.00. My next favorite for limited space is the NRS Rodeo sock with its minimal sole. Bill

nrs attack shoe

Get something that will protect your
feet from cuts. My wife poked a stick into foot when wearing a sandal and the accident quickly became a trip to the emergency ward because of a serious infection. Her foot a year later still has a lump where the stick poked her. It cost us a small fortune in medical bills plus she could barely could fit a shoe on her injured foot for many months.

Go cheap
Walmart water shoes. When they start to stink throw them out. If they rub a blister wear light wicking socks.

My latest
After many years of service my Teva’s were in need of a rest. I was kind of tired of having small sharp rocks between my feen and sandals carrying the canoe back to the car all the time, so I tried some Merrell ‘Water Pro’ shoes.

I have been really happy with them both in the water and wearing them as normal shoes. Normally $80, I got them on sale for $50.

Recommendation on the socks?
I have some Teva Gammas (love them) but they do tend to irritate the top of my feet. I’ve never been comfortable in anything but fleece-lined slippers barefoot. What “light wicking socks” would you recommend?


NRS kickers - ~ $30 .

Go Good
I’ve been VERY happy with my Teva Gamma watershoes for several years now. It seems they’ve been discontinued but you can still find them on closeout (even better):,96547_Teva-Gamma-Pro-Shoes-For-Men.html

Unlike the disposable Wal*Mart Specials, they offer good support all around, especially the soles, drain and dry pretty well, and aren’t so ugly that you can’t walk into Subway without looking silly. Wear them with polypro cycling socks for more comfort.

It seems they’ve been replaced by the pricier Sunkosi:

Good Luck!


Riding Socks
They are my choice. I guess running socks would work well also.

I really like
NRS rodeo socks and heel pads.

$20 soccer shoes form walmart
I have a mohican that cost 4k and buy the soccer shoes small and wear no socks. Tie them up around my ankle in square knot to make sure they stay on if swim. You could try converse canvas sneakers but no tread.

NRS Paddle Shoes $50
I like mine a lot.

There is no such thing
as a good water shoe.

In theboat:
Mouse pads under each heel. I posted about this a while back. Mouse pads are really cheap. And they work great for cushioning your heels in the boat. You only need to wear thin booties. Want to walk around? Stick a pair of sandals behind your seat.

size 11?

Those are kids 11`s

I “second” the NRS Attack Shoe