Good Weather Site?

Does any know of a good weather site on the internet? I am looking for one that is useful for paddlers.I know of the popular ones like and those but what do people on here usually use before they go out?

I use
the ever popular MSN weather…but lately my home puter won’t animate the map…I have a lot of confidence in NOAA as well,their forcasts are quite accurate.


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Besides NOAA there's Accuweather and Underground.

Also Nexrad
You can get up to the minute radar loops, sat. photos and local forecasts for your area or where you’re going. Any above mentioned are great.

Weather Info
I use Wunderground, on the Internet, they seem to be the most accurate. In the car and on the water I use NOAA weather radio.

Open the
front door and look outside at the sky. Surest way to check the local forecast. I also use

Animated radar on WeatherUnderground
I do like Weather Underground and normally check it before all trips - including if thunderstorms can be seen coming.

The LINK on the WUnderground Info pages that gets you into the animated loop is blocked during weekdays, but is active on the weekends (night too?). TIP> If you get to the loop on the weekend, add the address to the site to your Favorites and you can get there any time thereafter (even weekdays). Just don’t leave it running long (such as in 'background).

Weatherunderground & Intellicast.
For general weather forecasts I like weatherunderground which gives good forcasts for 7 days, with details within the day for a zip code. Their weather radars are probably much the same as Intellicast which I’m in the habit of using for national, regional and NEXRAD radars. Both Intellicast and accuweather have nice lightning stike national maps. Intellicast also has 10 day forecasts for major National Parks, seashores, and rec.areas. I also have a NOAA weather radio.

I use

Pretty reliable, good radar.

tide information

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i know Dunsky was asking for weather info sites, but i also use for tide information for just about anywhere i go here in Florida. however, it is also a good site for other states as well.