Goodyear Lake

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Has anyone ever gone Kayaking in Goodyear Lake? This lake is located in NY, upstate near Cooperstown. I am going up there Labor Day weekend and was wondering about what it is like at Goodyear Lake. Thanks, Laurie


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here is the DEC map of the lake that gives you an idea of its shape. Also, if you can go to a bookstore and get your hands on the AMC Quiet Water Guide to NY, I think it is covered in a chapter in there.

Goodyear L
I’ve canoed thru Goodyear a # of times during the Gen. Clinton race. IMO it’s far from the most scenic part of the course. Unless you’ve no way of transporting your kayak I’d recommend you explore a portion of the Susquehanna either above or below Goodyear. Just my $.02

goodyear lake
Warning there is no law enforcement on Goodyear Lake.

Drunk and reckless boaters are seen here.

The sheriffs department conducts drills pulling bodies out of the lake here.

Be careful on this lake the body they pull out might be yours.