Google chrome

I got E-mails or read here about Explorer and some issues with hackers. I asked my son the computer jock about it and in 5 minutes had Google Chrome. So far , much faster than Explorer, and free.Format is a little different.

It does spell check right here.

for web development
chromes built in javascript debugger/console and the mem usage stats are really helpful tools. Provides everything the firebug plugin for firefox does, but has a nicer UI.

It’s currently only available for windows XP/vista though. Here’s a neat little easter egg, type “about:internets” (minus the quotes) into the url field.

Been Using It a Few Months
It’s a lot faster and the only issue I’ve had is I sometimes accidentally close everything out. I like the way my most frequented websites are right there when I open it up. Best browser I’ve used. WW

Strange thing
I noticed the is very slow to load with Chrome, otherwise it’s nice.

works for me
I’ve been using it for a few days now and it seems alright…

Thanks for this
I just installed it, and it is clearly much quicker for me than IE - much appreciated…

I tried it

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I used it for two weeks and it was working good. I then started to have problems with my system loading on start up. I installed chrome and everything started to work again. Also, It would not view several Microsoft help files. It said, Incompatible browser." and it did not tie in with windows mail or do the spell check function.

over all I like it (it did seem faster) but seemed to bug up my system (Windows Vista Home Prem.) I will try it again sometime.

I have Vista but haven’t noted anything.
I am hardly a power user though.

i use FF and chrome
chrome has the “porn mode” (as a friend called it)-a supposedly non-trackable/non cookie/non keeping of information mode… (crtl shift N)…i use that at work sometimes for job searches…

it has been written that chrome uses less memory than ff or ie or any other browser…but…the hidden thing is that each tab runs separately…so if you have a bunch of tabs open then chrome is using more memory…

firefox all the way for me…like the add-ons and plug ins available…although i do use chrome every once in awhile…and ie mainly for ftp-ing…

Secure login problem with Chrome
Try log in any secure site, such as your brokerage account. It doesn’t work for me.

I loaded it right after you posted and great results! faster than IE, like the bookmark options, simple.


Builtin Feature
That’s the anti-grief feature. Once the markets start to recover you will be able to login.