google earth rivers

Maybe I am late to the party on this, but I finally found a GE layer that displays rivers. I thought there might be some other people that didn’t know about it. Download the WATERS .kmz file while GE is open. It highlights all rivers in blue, click on any river for info. There is also a watershed layer that is pretty cool too. I also found a layer for all the MT river access points. It’s pretty fun to virtually fly down rivers you plan to paddle.

forgot the link

I used to have it “on”, but it is not
consistently accurate, and I find that it gets in the way of seeing river detail.

This is especially true for very small rivers. There’s no way GE can put a blue line right on a small river with a computer. Whoever or whatever does it, tends to wander off the water line.

Very small rivers in swampy areas tend to disappear. Sometimes I go and get the topographical to see where an experienced cartographer thinks the river is running.

low water

Please, add in.

I didn’t know this, using GE for right center left GPS coordinates above rapids: R-C-L

If GE imaged at lower water levels, white water shows clearly. I did the Yakima with GE GPS.

At low water giving a run of 32 rapids. GPS was significant as flow siphoned off to 5-6 foot width in a river bed 200+ wide.

I’ll check the Flathead’s North Fork this evening. The Methow is viewable…Tieton ?