I need to seal a couple of screw holes around a hatch; they are outside of the area the gasket would cover. Is Marine Goop the product that I should use? Also, what color does it dry?

Also, I have read how Orbix hatches are known to leak. Is there a way to seal them better? Would Goop be the product for that, or is something else better?


what boat
On what boat? Who makes it? What’s it made with? Need a little more info.

Bill H.

Are you wanting to seal…
holes with screws in them, or just empty screw holes?

If it is empty holes, I would do the job right and use epoxy and then spray paint to match the boats color. I can elaborate more if this is the case.

If it is holes with screws in them, I would take the screw out, put a dab of silicon on the hole and then quickly screw the screw back in.

If they are leaking bad, I would put a small rubber gasket under the screw, and that should make it water tight.

Like the above posts says: you need to supply more info

Jack L

Sorry; I was rushing when I posted and forgot the pertinent details.

It’s a 2009 WS Tarpon 100. The hatch lids had been broken, and the owners cut plastic to fit and attached the plastic lids to the old Orbitz frames with silicone and screws. Most of the screw holes will be covered by the gasket, but there are a few that are slightly outside that ring.

They will be empty screw holes, as I’m putting new proper hatches on.

In that case, do it right
Assuming you can get at the underside of the holes, put a piece of tape on the inside under them.

Sand around the top hedge of the hole with 100 grit sand paper.

Clean it and around it with a bit of alcohol,acetone or lacquer thinner

Mix up a bit of two part G-flex epoxy, or if you can find one in a hard ware that will adhere to plastic use that.

Dab it in the hole with a throw away brush or the end of a wooden match, etc.

Immediately tape a piece of clear plastic film, (like over head projector or note book page protectors) over it. tape it down tight with masking tape

The next day peel the tape and film off and you should be left with a smooth glass like finish.

Get a can of quality automotive spray paint to match the color of your boat and spray over the finished product, but mask around the edges so you don’t get the spray where you don’t want it.

With all that said: if you don’t want to put the time and cost into the above, and the screws won’t show, Just use the screws with small rubber washers. You can get various size rubber washers at Lowes or most hardwares.

Jack L

Marine Goop is great stuff.
It takes a few days to cure but dries relatively colorless and is VERY tough.

GFlex is wonderful

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read 3M’s overview on the marine sealant line….different number/colors are different uses

4200 is removable but in place, 5200 is removable with effort eg sharp scraper, quick set sets quick, slow set sets so the piece is adjustable over a period of months

HD sells 3M

GOOP stinks, is toxic, doesn’t hold XXXX and is obsolete.

Buying Gflex to fill a screw hole is off the wall ....

UFool now sends free videos. I’m calling my lawyer.

I used regular Goop
to cement a fixed skeg cut from a polyethylene cutting board to my weathercocking Epic GPX. It’s been on the boat for a year and shows no signs of coming loose.

I doahn believe a
word of this…

but that is not the point

GOOP in no way approaches more recent developments in epoxies and soybean oil adhesiveness or holding power.

Cannot compete. If GOOP holds an elephant to your ceiling then the other stuff will do this 3x as well.