goosh it was soooo beautiful on the ....

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...... Chesapeake last night !!

No not a canoe or kayak , a CC . The nephew and I are like that ya know , always have been .

The air was as perfect as it gets , winds light out of the NW , the sun set and horizon went orange , then the night sky settled upon us and brought it's peaceful beauty ... sometimes there is nothing in the world that can move me as do nights like these .

You gotta get your mind past it to cut up a Striper and get it on plate in the fridge. at 1:30 in the morning ... the price we pay for of a couple/few dinners .

Thinking I ought to write book , call it "A Thousand Ways to Cook a Striper - or just Heat and Serve" .

maybe you should call it…
a thousand hours to catch a striper…? jk.

sorry i missed the boat last night. must’ve been real peaceful.

well sometimes …
… it would seem that it takes a thousand hours to catch a Striper , depending on who you are fishing with and who’s boat you are in .

I can attest that it took me a thousand hours to learn how to catch them … I worked the bridge hard all through the season my first year out , and only eventually hooked up with my first Striper , the only one that year … but because of my determination and the thrill of successfully catching that first one , things began to change .

The nephew can do what he wants with his boat , try his hand at fishing for Stripers the way he wants to (and he is beginning to have some success at it BTW) … I consider him the capt. of his own boat and I’m just along for the ride and be a mate … if he figures out how to catch them when and where he wants to … then he has done well .

I have already learned what I have learned about catching Stripers many moons ago … and have demonstrated the same to you leighrobin . You have caught 12 in a row off the bridge in a matter of a few hours before , because you were my guest aboard the trusty 6 hp. tiny rented boat we used that day .

In other times when I was running my own boat(s) on the bay , it was common for me to hook up on 30-50 Stripers when doing it my way … and 7-10 was a rather slow catch , yet everybody was happy even at that .