GoPro Hero 5 Black

Wondering if anyone tried on yet? I really want some feed back on the voice command feature. This lets your tell it to go on or off, or take pictures, all with speech. Wondering how it works when you have it mounted in front of the cockpit within reach… Thanks.

well I bought one but can’t tell you much yet except it is much easier to use than my Hero HD due to simple language on the screen.

How close does it have to be to you for the speech control?

will try that today. i will see how it is outside in the wind. You can also buy a remote control to clip on jacket or wear on wrist. Didn’t get that yet.

speech control works perfectly inside. About 12’ will try it in wind tomorrow.

Try Removu instead. If you have a wifi enabled 3+ or 4 model, you might do better with a Removu R1+ or P1. That’s what I use on my kayak. Instead of relying on what turns out to be a buggy voice interface (and probably worse as distance increases from the camera), you would have a complete, touch sensitive remote control and viewer instead.

voice control worked great today in kayak. 100% on command of stop recording and about 85-90% on start command. You can reach over and hit shutter button and it records in a second or less. Used 1080 to shoot today 64 GB card filled and still 32% still left in battery. Can change some other settings for longer battery life and recording time. Making screen go off faster will help battery. I had it set for 5 minutes today and did many recordings so it was on a lot. Will get a 128 GB card now was going to originally but they didn’t have one. Few spare batteries also. Sad you can’t add a battery like the older models. They should have it made it bigger than 1220 I think it is now. 2000 or more would have been better. I mean how much bigger would the GoPro be if it was 3000 or bigger. Battery should be enough to run 128 card in 1080 vid’s till it’s full.

Hey. glad i found this thread. I’m actually looking into buying a Gopro Hero 5 myself. But what is bugging me is that sooo many people online are posting videos and reviews about it being NOT WATERPROOF! Leaking water especially trough the front screen. Has anyone heard of anybody that had this issue? I cant really tell if its a couple of isolated incidents or if the problem occurs on many devices. Since i have been researching i have stumbled across 10 or more videos that showed this issue. :frowning:

No problems here but it’s just on my deck but rinsed well. Sometimes you have to think how many sold Vs ten or twenty complaints you find online. No extra battery like older ones sucks. Runs two hours plus at 1080. You can always buy the waterproof case 40 bucks. But then you lose most sounds which sucks.