GoPro mount?

How is everyone mounting a GoPro to the deck of a sit in kayak?
Suction cup?

The suction cup will stick to a composite kayak but won’t work very well on a plastic one, especially if the plastic surface is textured. You also need a fairly large area that is mostly flat. There are adhesive mounts that are more or less permanent (you can take them off but not restick it) which should stick to most clean surfaces. I would always tether the camera regardless of the mount used.

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Suction cup and bungee to a deck lol me in case it fails.

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Like PDog52, I use a suction cup and tether. It’s secure on my thermoform and kevlar kayaks.

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Adhesive mount and tether for me.

If your kayak has a gear track, use a RailBlaza camera mount.

Wife used
…head mount…and looked around too much.
…chest mount …and got strange framing of things
… suction cup to kayak…and was lucky she put a tether on it when it fell off.

If you are not using a skirt and have room a clamp on could work, like the jaws mount. I am considering doing a magnet setup down the road for something else, they have a really good magnet mount that came out with the Hero 9, would it be possible to do two magnets above and below the deck, or a piece of metal below with magnet mount? On the sit on top I’ve used a small tripod and ran two anchor lines to the rigging anchor points it worked well.

I have used the adhesive mounts Gopro makes, these have some problems though. They are not as permanent as they may appear. I have had them break off when hit by branches, luckily the gopro fell in the boat. I would suggest tethering the gopro to the boat if you are using one of these or a suction cup.