GoPro simple question

We have the new Old town Loon and it has a little grey “track” on it for accessories. Where can I find a “mount” that connects to the track on one end and to the GoPro Hero 3 on the other end.

Many thanks.


Big Boxes or make one?
REI and Best Buy have pretty extensive GoPro offerings, and I’d bet that what you’re looking for could be found there. Or if you’re handy, you might be able to make one using materials from a hardware store. Good luck!

Look them up on the web. They make all kinds of highly secure and functional mounts. I love them with my Gopro and trust them NOT to fall off inadvertently (as even Gopro OEM mounts have.)

Another fan
of Railblaza. I use several of their mounts and accessories on my kayak and they are great.