GoPros and Such..

GoPros and Such…

Lets try this again …
Rob, If I take the time to write a comment or ask a question related to this posting … will you reply to it ?

When a Hero decides to GoPro, he
usually pays some office staff to do replies for him.

GoPro on a mast
I’ve been playing with GoPro camera mounted on a telescoping mast shooting more still pictures than video so far:

Uliaszi, ty jsi borec!
That last picture (“The last frame with a 0.5s long exposure: finishing my paddling after the sunset”) has to be published for sure!


I agree, great shot
Second to last one is great also. You’ve got to print those out!

lets try this again
onno - why do you ask? why wouldn’t I? I apologize if i haven’t responded to anything you’ve replied to, but like everyone, i’m busy, got a life, and do what i can to respond in time. cheers. do you have a real name?

GoPro on a Mast
that’s a great setup, thanks for sharing. Mind if i post these on my tips blog?