Gore-tex Gloves

Has anyone tried using gor-tex gloves for sea kayaking? North face, Mountain hardware, patagonia,etc.

Make darn sure…
whoever makes them that they have factory tape sealed seams throughout the ENTIRE glove. MOST Goretex gloves do not, unless they be in the upper $$$$ range. Anything else WILL leak at any seam in time.

No, and wouldn’t
I don’t know of any regular sports type GoreTex gloves, like for shoveling snow or skiing or whatever, that are about preserving warmth with my hand dipped in water at times for a deep stroke or a brace, let alone rolling or sculling. They don’t have the kind of insulating material that would still be warm when soaked, or the seam and wrist seals needed. Even for things like snowshoeing, where you could get snow that would melt down and end up inside Gore outer layers, I carry spare liners and gloves of some material like wool that would function if I got damp.