Gore Tex seam tape replacement

Am seeking suggested products, either tape or sealant, to make repairs to missing seam tape on a gore tex jacket. Searching the archives I did find a few threads over a decade old. Hoping there is an effective and easy to use product that I can source with ease.

If it’s a Kokatat or other company with a very good warranty., call the company. I called Kokatat with exactly the same question for my nearly 20 year old Gore-Tex dry top. After speaking to their customer service person and sending in a requested picture, they said to send it in and they would take a closer look at it. I got a call back a week later. They said it was beyond repair, that particular model was no longer made, and to pick out something similar if I wanted. The only other Gore-Tex dry top at that time was the Rogue that retailed for $450 or more. I got the original dry top for $40 when I bought my boat. They just asked what color I wanted and I had it a week later.

If there is no warranty coverage, I would try .Aquaseal.

Thank you for sharing your Kokatat experience. Your’s seems to be typical of their legendary support and customer service. Mine is a Montbell rain shell that is loosing most of its seam tape. I will check with the manufacturer and see how eager they are. Otherwise 8 bucks and an hour of my time might be a better outcome.

Small spot aquaseal it may be just shot. I got a new drysuit from kokatat after 9 years. Small spot 3" lifted. They can’t sell gortex if the don’t warranty it.

Seattle Fabrics sells the Melco iron on fabric seam sealing tape by the yard so you only need to buy as much length as you need. Do spend the extra 95 cents for the Melco pressing cloth which protects your iron from sticking to the tape or melting the fabric while applying it. And follow directions carefully on the iron setting when doing this (practice on a scrap first). I’ve used this stuff and it holds as well as the factory applied tape. Most of the other marketed tapes (like the Coleman version) are adhesive based and don’t stick or hold up well.


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Wow! Thant’s a great resource. Thanks!

I had a 1998 or so Mont Bell mountaineering gtx jacket that had seem tape issues around 2016 or so. Great coat, I reached out to the manufacturer- the company had folded and been purchased by Columbia which didn’t use GTX. I was referred to Gore who replaced my nearly 20 year old parka with the jacket of my choice from any manufacturer.
Needless to say I trust them and their warranty exclusively. They are awesome!

Maybe have a look here:


I checked Sailrite – they have tons of great stuff (have ordered from them before) but not seam sealing tape, unfortunately.

I did notice something at Sailrite I had not realized they stock that could be handy for kayak gear: flexible flat metal “stays” with plastic end guards in a range of lengths. Since I mostly use a Greenland paddle I’ve been wishing my sprayskirts had a stay embedded in the deck running crosswise so water would shed off better rather than pooling. I was going to cut strips of a stiff plastic sheet I have but these may work better.

For anybody who likes to make or modify their “soft” outdoor gear, both Sailrite and Seattle Fabrics have just about anything your could need.

Thanks to all for very helpful insights and suggestions. Montbell customer service has invited me to send the jacket back for inspection and decision to repair or replace. I will let P.com know the outcome after the “3-5 weeks”.