Gore warranty comes though BIGTIME

Recently, I discovered that my 7-year-old Stohlquist Gore-Tex Maytag dry suit was delaminating in a few small spots. I contacted Stohlquist and discovered, as I expected, that they couldn’t cover it under warranty, since they no longer use Gore Fabrics. I emailed Gore and was told to send in the suit and if it was in-fact delaminating, it would be covered under warranty. Today, I got a call from Bill Aklin at Gore informing me that they would be replacing my suit with a Gore-Tex Kokatat suit of my choice. I’ve been eyeing the Expedition model, but most comparable model in the Kokatat line is the Meridian. I offered to pay the $80 difference in price between the two but was told that wasn’t necessary, they will order an Expedition and have it sent directly from Kokatat.

Service like this is precisely why I buy Gore-Tex garments. Unless you actually wear out the fabric or otherwise damage/abuse it, a Gore-Tex garment is basically a lifetime investment.

I know this reads like an ad for Gore products, but the bottom line for me is that they stand behind their warranty and are very serious about customer service. I am a VERY happy customer.

An honorable mention goes out to Stohlquist. Although they couldn’t cover my suit under warranty, they did offer me a deal on one of their current suits. If mine had not been covered by Gore, I would have taken them up on that offer, as they make great products.

Very Good
Does the Gore warranty apply to only the original purchaser or for the life of the garment? I would like to purchase a good second hand dry suit.

Used Goretex drysuit / warranty
Kokatat never asks for a sales receipt.

Good for you, and thanks for posting. I like buying from companies like that.

nice going.

steve (a strong Kok supporter)

bring it on Kanoo!

great customer service!
I’ve heard many stories about people sending in suits for new gaskets and getting a new suit (less the cost of gaskets) because some de-lamination was found. My GTX Kokatat suit is still going strong after 8+ years, I would love a new expedition suit but since the old suit is fine…

I had a down air mattress from Exped (Outdoor Research) that had a slow leak, I sent it back and I got a brand new replacement, no charge!

Their are still some companies out there that stand by their products.

Just last week I received in the mail
from North Face, the replacement Gortex splash jacket for my seven year old one which delaminated at the hood and collar.

I was going to chuck it and buy a new one, and my wife decided to call customer service on it since it had a lifetime warranty. They said send it to them, and they would either replace it or repair it. they e-mailed us that they were sending us a new one and to let them know what color I wanted…

They will keep me as a customer with service like this.



Trimming leads to delamination }:slight_smile:

I had the same experience with TNF
They replaced a nine-year-old Mountain Jacket just like they did with yours. I sent it in and a new one arrived a week or so later.

I recently sent a Gore-Tex jacket back to Marmot and they credited me the full original retail price. That’s not quite the same as a straight replacement, but the current version of the jacket was sold out, anyway. Either way, I’m happy.

In speaking with Stohlquist, I was told that they stopped using Gore-Tex because Gore wasn’t covering the warranty like they felt they should. That seems at odds with every experience I’ve had with Gore.

The Best
Experiences like BNystrom’s, ours and others posting here regarding Kokatat products reaffirm our belief that you, or at least most of the time, get what you pay for. Both the husband and I are on our second dry suits; Kokatat replaced both of them with no questions asked, in a timely manner given that mine starting getting damp inside in February and I paddle in the Northeast, and with the exact same models we sent back for what we thought were repairs.

Kokatat definitely rocks and will always have our business. Plus, their gear fits us both well.

Two thumbs up for Gore! (nm)

…my experience is with Gore, rather than Kokatat, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about Kokatat, too.

Good for Gore,
And Kokatat is great, I agree. Let’s hope Confluence doesn’t buy them out :stuck_out_tongue:

No, I think stretching does ;