Goretex hiking boots

So I’m looking for a pair of Goretex light hikers for walking the dog in the morning since my waterproof Merrells are not doing there job. I was thinking that Goretex boots would have a lifetime guarantee against leaking but that does not seem to be the case as the manufacturer claims they are only guaranteed to be waterproof for 1 year. Anyone have any experience with this issue?

Check out Keen. They use a proprietary waterproof, breathable membrane they call Keen-Dry. I have a pair of Keen winter boots that are probably 15 years old. Still warm and waterproof,

I like Keen, will check them out.

I just found this: The good thing about Gore-Tex is they try to deliver on their “Guaranteed to Keep You Dry” promise. They give customers 1-year replacement warranty if they’re not satisfied with the performance of the shoe. So I guess no usable life on footwear!

My Keens never leak but neither do my Merrill’s. Sweaty socks are another story.

The uppers on my Merrells have delaminated from the sole creating a major leak point.

If you need boots that stay dry walking in dewy grass or shallow puddles or drizzle, Keens are great. If you will go into water higher than the outsoles or walk during downpours, some water might get through the tongue and laces. For that, a full-on neoprene or rubber boot is needed, such as Boggs or Muck boots.

I decided to go with a pair of Timberland from REI, $45< Keen, hopefully they fit and keep my feet dry. I don’t want to use my $200 LLbean hikers for walking the dog.