Gorrilla tape, anyone use it?

Maybe I don’t get out enough. I’ve been seeing this stuff at Lowes, the Depot and now at the hardware store where I buy my fastners. It appears to be similar to duct tape, except it may be stronger and more water resistant. Does anyone know if it will stick to poly?

I’m going to make a kayak with it.
Skin on frame. No sewing required.

It seems to stick to anything!

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I had a loosening rudder nut and bolt. Stopped to check the nut and bolt, it was loose again. I was driving in a cold mist and would not be able to dry the rudder enough to assure regular duct tape would stay on. I did not want to remove the rudder, lines, etc.

I grabbed the Gorilla tape I had just bought. I quickly wiped the area around the nut and slapped the Gorilla tape on the still wet surface. Repeated for the bolt head area. Pressed all edges down well and was satisfied the tape would most likely hold even though there was one front corner that would not stay down.

I drove about 50 miles in the mist and light rain before stopping to check. The tape was, holding the nut and bolt securely. Even the forward corner that was not sticking when applied had adhered tightly during the wet drive!!!

Drove another 550 plus miles mostly in rain. The tape is still securely in place. Great Stuff!!!

I have since tried it on several plastics and other surfaces. All were successful.

Wouldn't be without Gorilla tape again if I can help it!!!



Saw the tape yesterday…
being used to hold a piece of electronic gear to the Portside gunnel of a RIB inflatable operated in the Tennessee River by a Navy Dive team…

After that, I’d say you probably COULD useit to build a boat, (Just think of the money Gorilla Glue would pay for the pictures of the constuction, and a video of a Whitwater Tape Boat in operation…!)

Go for it Dude!

Would have loved to have the stuff back
in the days of paddling leaky riveted aluminum canoes. Sounds like if you get a rip in a fiberglss or aluminum canoe, its a good tool to have around.

I think it’s similar to the 200mph tape
they use in NASCAR. You know, do a little fender-rubbin’ and slap some tape on to hold things together.

Have’t use the tape, but the Gorilla Glue is the best I’ve ever used for wood.

Yeah, but can you get it off now?
Is this a permanent alternative to duct tape?

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(Just think of the money Gorilla Glue would pay for the pictures of the constuction, and a video of a Whitwater Tape Boat in operation...!)

STroll, if someone were really going to make a SOF boat with the stuff, I would wager that Gorilla would give you the tape for the rights to put the boat in their ads. Sharkbiter? Any boat builders out there game? You'd have all of Pnet as athletic supporters, too.

how do those Gorillas DO it?!

Just wondering…
how many bottles of that glue do they get from one gorilla?

And how many bottles of
baby oil do you get from one baby?


This is what I wonder about…
…after you have finished with it, what does the taped hull/deck/etc look like? Tons of residue that won’t come off?

Agreed that will replace duct tape in my emergency kit though…


Gorilla Tape "athletic supporters"sounds
like that could be painful to wear and to take off!!! ;^)



BTW: When click on your provided site aboue get “not authorized to view”. What gives?

This guy knows for sure!