Gortex repair???? Seam tape?

My Kokatat drysuit is fine but where do I get material to repair it if I tear it? I see they sell seam tape 1" wide where it irons on listed on ebay. Do you use aquaseal for tape to make a repair? Just want to have some on hand for a tear so I don’t have to wait. to order something. Think I’ll search youtube also. Thanks

Ok I looked they have kits like this https://www.rei.com/product/676442/mcnett-gore-tex-fabric-repair-kit-ii-taslan but what about permanent repairs? I mean if I can put new gaskets on it I should be able to repair it permanently also.

This too https://www.campmor.com/c/gore-tex-medium-weight-repair-kit

Check out Rainypass.

I don’t think seam tape is made to hold two pieces of material together I have used something like Gear Aid Tenacious Tape. http://amzn.to/2hsp0QZ. That spot will now not be breathable, but will be waterproof.

Peter is correct, seam tape is only for sealing sewn seams. If you sew on a patch, seam tape could be used around the edges. Both of the links above are to the same Gore-Tex repair kit on different sites.

I always carry a package of peel-and-stick nylon patching material and have used it with success on Goretex. You can get it at sewing stores (like the ubiquitous Joann Fabrics) or at most backpacking or outdoor supply vendors (Coghlan’s used to have packs of assorted colors). I recently found a transparent tape that I used on two of my folding kayaks’s coated nylon skins to make a base to adhere vinyl peel-and-stick auto decal type lettering onto them.

For adhering drysuit gaskets and repairing wetsuits and other neoprene gear, I use either Aquaseal alone or a combination of sewing machine stitching for strength and Aquaseal for sealing.

To give an example of how tough the peel and stick nylon can be, many years ago I went on an overnight canoeing trip with a couple who had an old wood framed canoe that had been thinly fiberglassed over the old painted canvas skin. They hit a rock and sustained a deep 3" long gouge in the bow end of the keel that leaked profusely. We pulled ashore and considered our resources for a temporary repair. Somebody had a pack of gum so one of us chewed up several sticks and we used the mass to plug up the hole. They I applied a patch of 3" by 6" peel-and-stick day-glo orange ripstop nylon over the gum and firmly smoothed the edges down. That patch not only kept the boat from leaking for the rest of the trip, despite some additional rock strikes and dragging it over gravel bars, but the canoe’s owner left that orange patch on for several more years of use and sold the canoe with it intact.

found this https://kokatat.com/product/field-repair-kit-accfrkc

I have used the McNett Goretex repair fabric with good results on a pair of Goretex paddle pants. I got a couple small holes on the butt area. I picked this up at REI. It’s held up well for an entire season with no leaks or loosening of the patch.

bought Mc Nett the other day off fleabay.

It was an easy iron on patch. Looks like it’s an adhesive that will stay put for field repairs & then you can iron it once you’re home to seal it better. I guess it all depends on the size of area you are repairing. It would be a good & not very costly item to pack along on trips.