GorTex Shorts

Anyone know of any breathable, waterproof (e.g. GorTex) shorts? I know there are dry suits with pants, and neoprene shorts, but I can’t seem to find any light weight waterproof fabric shorts.


What’s the point?
Unless you put latex seals on the legs and a dry zipper in the crotch (or no zipper), AND attached the waist to a dry top, they’re not going to be waterproof. I don’t know of any company that makes latex “thigh seals”. Besides, if it’s warm enough to wear shorts, why would you care if you got wet?

Why would you need waterproof shorts?

Why isn’t quick-drying and breathable shorts good enough?

Why wouldn’t waterproof shorts, if a loose enough cut, be breathable enough that one wouldn’t need breathable fabric.

This request reminds me of a screen door on a submarine.

Just curious, that’s all.

Maybe he’s sitting in
water and trying to keep his bum dry?

I could see some long waterproof shorts being handy on a SOT in cold water.


Capitalism is alive and well…
there’s a buyer for everything.

Dry Pants?
Would those suffice? You indicated drysuit, but these are slightly different.

The ones with booties let you avoid the hassle of dealing with gaskets.

KoKaTat makes GoreTex drypants; they can be had with a pee zipper.

Buy a goretex or similiar fabric rain suit or bottoms and cut the pant legs to suit your length and then try use very low heat hem sealing tape (goretex and nylon melt real easy, pratice on the scrap pc. of pant leg) to make a new bottom hem. I can only assume your trying to keep yer butt dry while in a SOT.

Use for waterproof fabric on shorts

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Actually, I have wished for a waterproof fabric on my but and upper legs down to my knees or may be 1/2 or 3/4 down above the knee.

I'm not necessarily talking true "dry" shorts with gaskets - just shorts that repel water in a normal wearing position seated or upright when splashed from above, not when submerged in water...

When paddling in relatively warm weather I often want for a number of reasons that my butt stays dry. Water typically seeps thru my light weight cockpit skirt and tends to wet my seating area where the rest of me usually stayed dry. Having dry shorts or loose dry pants (without ankle gaskets) would solve this issue of getting wet and staying cool in warm weather - I could just go out of the boat after a workout and get in my car without changing pants at the crowded parking lot or having to dry my bottom half in public view -;)

Picky, perhaps, but I can see a pair of water resistant fabric shorts to serve a good purpose if they are cheap (as they should be as there is nothing special about making them)...

Speaking of which, I recently saw that WalMart sell for about $20 if I recall right, so called waterproof and breatable pants with no gaskets or any other complications - supposed to be worn over your normal attire. I'd buy a pair of these and cut them short if I come across them again.

I can aslo see some use in other outdoor activities where one does not necessarily want to get wet down to their underwear (included) due to rain for instance, but still wants to stay cool and allow their skin to breathe...

In cold water…
…you should be wearing a dry suit.

GorTex Shorts
Thanks to Jimyaker for his considered reply, and as to you other wise asses, try using your imaginations once in a while.

I am wise
But until you give us more direction, this ass will use his imagination. Don’t know of any waterproof breathable shorts. Probably because no one needs them. But if you have a specific need, then voice it as we might have a better solution, which isn’t a waterproof breathable short.


try something like this




from across the pond you have Reed

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by Chillcheater.
Their stuff is more breathable than my Kokatat Paclite top and certainly more "bendy" (unrestrictive) since the fabric stretches.
They make shorts, tops and spraydecks (skirts).
Once you go "black" (Reed) you don't go back :-)


Sorry you got what you did here…

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I can see a number of very reasonable uses for such a garment, in fact I've wished for that myself. In my case it is because I have an ostomy so dry lap is much better, and full dry pants are damned hot in the summer. Or because having a wet bum can be itchy over a time, or any number of other very good reasons that the OPer shouldn't have to describe just to get an answer about available paddle clothing.

The best idea I see above, one which hadn't occurred to me (doh!) would be to treat a pair of shorts with the spray-on stuff. And in fairness, most replies weren't nasty.

Light hiking pants with zip off legs
and an application of camp dry spray should work just fine. And you can feel good about being a capitalist.

I prefer EMS brand www.ems.com

I just saw a pair…
…on e-bay. I think they were originally targeted for golfers.