Got a case of gunnel rot.

Would anyone know of a canoe repair shop within a reasonable drive from North New Jersey? Most of the woodwork in this 16 foot canoe seems reasonable but the gunnels need replacing.

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You might also ask on

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kaz of might know someone.

and Ed's Canoe in VT makes gunwales, so they might know of lower NE makers and installers.

Got a case of gunnel rot.
Ask on

evening news
just watch the evening news commercials - they have a pill for everything, and all those pill poppers are always smiling and happy

hope I don’t ever catch gunnel rot - I have enough parts failing now

My favorite public radio station
gets underwriting from Satter’s restoration in Branchville, NJ. I would think that would be good place to start.

Wood rails
I have ash gunwale stock up to 20’ zip 13460 Not into shipping it

Thank you all.
For your suggestions. Please continue.

I’m aware of Ed’s and have a shopping list prepared, I’m looking to explore as many alternatives as possible whether I farm out the job or do it myself.