got a new p+h kayak-happy happy!

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i just bought a new p+h scorpio. never had a sea kayak before.tried many and this just fit me best and spoke to me. just wondering how many of you out there have or know this boat and want to share anything?


utube videos
thanks…i think i have watched almost every kayak video on utube. i was just looking for feedback from actual owners of this boat. :slight_smile:


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I have a P&H Capella 160 and love it but when I saw the Scorpio LV at Paddlesport this year I wished they'd come out with it last year. You got a really nice boat. Enjoy!

BTW, what color is your Scorpio? I think the yellow is my favorite for the Scorpio.

I’ve sat in one but have not yet gotten to paddle one. Word is that it is a very good boat.

Have you seen the review in this month’s Sea Kayaker Magazine?

P&H makes nice boats, well thought out and great details. Not familiar with the scorpio, but have read good things about it.

Not all are happy…

I had no complaints on the Scorpio LV
I demoed a Scorpio LV last fall for the better part of four days and I didn’t see any of the problems mentioned above.

I did note that the person commenting never actually paddled the Scorpio he inspected. Could cited Scorpio have been from a bad batch?

I also own an Avocet RM, which is a tri-lam poly and I have bounced it off of plenty of rocks will no ill effects. :wink:

Yes, I am sure UV will take it toll on a poly hull over time. It’s one of the trade-offs between poly and composites and probably why I have one of each.

it’s YELLOW!!! i didn’t even ask about another color. that was ok with me. plus it’s a safest color also. yeh!!! so happy

no i haven’t
but i will pick it up. hope it’s favorable. thanks

bouncing off rocks
i don’t see myself doing this…this is my my first sea yak and i am happy to say i paid ALOT less for this boat than they mentioned. more like what you would pay for a tsunami.

My Capella…
…Has bounced off a few rocks here and there. It’s got some scrapes/scratches and a small dent (definitely looks like something impacted it) on the bottom. It’s poly so I don’t worry. I paddled it down the Delaware last fall and there are lots of rocks there. What can you do? My friends with composite boats were having heart-a-stokes. I put 303 on it and keep a tarp over it and am careful about tying it down. I’ve noticed no flex in the Capella. Paddles great.

…the yellow is really nice looking. I love that it has orange specks. It’s very sharp looking. My first choice was yellow but my Capella was a leftover and I got a great price on it and orange was the only choice I had so that’s what I have. It’s very visible though so I like it.

PLastic fanatic here.

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I have Prijon blowmolded and Valleys and I agree with tcvrider (as I typically do) and the gentleman that wrote the review--the olastic on a P and H simply does not live up to Prijon--which, does not live u to Valley. Valley is the most rigid and wonderful plastic I have ever seen.

That said (and only because you ask fro opinions), I do think you did a commendable thing to get a serious plastic sea kayak as an initial vessel. You did not do the "Dick's sports special", then four months later get a 14.5 foot 23 inch beamed eBay bomber, only to then next season get a serious sea kayak. You jumped right in.

Now if you can just avoid the dreaded "I need to have a fiberglass boat to be a real sea kayaker", and avoid that next fateful leap to twice-expensive kayaks that save 8 lbs in weight over yours and lead to future Pnet posts about gel coat repair tips, you will be many nautical miles ahead of the rest of us.

Great choice, original poster! Stay with the yak you got. Forever!

signed, seedy1.

It is very favorable.