got me a go pro 2

here is the first test video… Not really sure if its on the right setting or not, but will be neat to get some cool video…

what do you think?



nice quality vid
Check out if you want to get a taller stand. The best viewpoint for POV boating I’ve seen were with the camera on a pedestal behind and to the side of the padder. So you get the paddler and the scenery from an over the shoulder point of view.

I had my gopro out paddling yesterday as well. Surfski paddling in a nice 20kt downwind run .

What Do I Think?
Well…you’ve motivated me to spend the bucks and get one too.

I’m having fun with mine so far.

I downloaded some free video editing software for shooting stuff like this with my Contour.

It’s definitely worth the time. I think most “action” videos should be editied down to a couple minutes to make it interesting for the casual viewer.

Good luck with your future projects.

Nice Quality
I’d like to see someone make a steady cam mount, maybe with gyros. Maybe that would not work in WW but for the flat stuff, having the camera level the whole time would be cool.

Nice video.

new video

I Prefer Watching Lucy
So let’s see some shots of her paddling?

The quality is amazing (n/t)