got my canoe

Bought my first canoe this weekend. Took all the helpful advice I received here - how will I really use it most of the time, look for good used boat, etc.

Fellow p.netter had my boat on the classifiieds here and so I am now the proud owner of Mad River Explorer 16 RX.

Got a really great deal with lots of extras - seat backs, paddles, dry bag, tie down kit.

Thanks for all the advice - now just can’t wait to get on the water!


super great
keep us informed and be sure to get some pictures up and let us see stuff.


There’s nothing like that first canoe. Hope for a short winter!

Good choice!
When you get tired of paddling it (unlikely, but…) it makes a fine boat for poling.


Congrads to you!
Now, find some water and paddle it. Nothing finer.

Picked up an Explorer in RX in 1981. It was my only boat for about 20 years, serving as tandem WW, solo WW and lake tripping hull. Some will poo-poo the shallow V design, but I for one loved it.

Have fun!



That is something I have never done - but after reading about it on the net it is definitaly something I want to learn.

I just don’t think many folks down here in SW MO do it - so my learning will probably have to be on the net and trial and error. I am sure there must be more technique than at first glance eh?

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    I am sure I will most happy with the Explorer. As one bit of advise someone here gave me when I was trying to find the “perfect” boat - just find a boat and get on the water!

    I have wanted a canoe of my own since I was 8 years old reading ads in the back of Boy’s Life.

    It only took me 37 years to get one.

    I am now one happy camper er’ canoer!


Good Choice

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Good boat for Ozark rivers. Paddled my first Mad River Explorer in '84 and have owned a few in my lifetime. Sold my old 16' Explorer to a guy in Springfield a few years ago. If you see another cream-colored Explorer on the river over there ask them where they got it! Still have a 15' Explorer in the barn and love the boat. Good luck and congrats on your new "Ride!" WW

Trial and error
is a pretty good technique to learn poling. Find a nice shallow area with a firm gravel bottom and try different things. Forward, backward, sideways, turns, pivots. The toughest part is balancing while you’re doing all this, and in the Explorer you’ll find that even that isn’t too tough. Have fun!