Got my first boat!

-- Last Updated: Oct-26-15 2:41 PM EST --

Thought I'd make my first Post on the site. Long time lurker and I appreciate the wisdom offered on the site.

I bought a year-old Jackson Coose from a local outfitter after trying many, many styles ond brand of yak. For small water and slow rivers, I felt the Coosa met my needs very well. Plenty of other options of course but overall I am happy so far and have not experienced any buyers remorse.

Of course, it has rained pretty much non-stop since delivery so, for now, I can only stare lovingly at my kayak hanging on the garage wall but soon, I SLAY!

Great fishing kayak.
I got one recently myself - third hand. I don’t have the standard seat, so rigged one up. I’ve only paddled it on one trip, but I was shocked at how fast it was for a 12’ boat.

I felt really exposed and tippy at first, sitting up so high. But within 30 minutes on the water, I was very comfortable leaning the boat.

I really like my Coosa. I hope you get many years of service and fun from yours.