Got my first rec boat today

retrieved from the cherry river in wv. Notified local message boards/facebook rec groups in an attempt to reunite the owner with their boat. Apparently, rec boats that are wide, with a flat bottom, that also have huge open cockpits don’t like technical class II rapids. Who knew? Now the owner knows. Put some blow up monkeys, beach balls, or a “gray thing” in them boats. A little flotation really helps with boat wrestlin’.

If you can locate the boat’s HIN number you might be able to track down the owner.

On a similar note, I recall seeing a Colman canoe on the rocks to the left of Double Hydraulic on the Lower Yough.

I recall the Cherry being good pleasant fun.

“Gray things” will make that the bestest yak ever, capable of circumnavigating the mighty Horsetooth Resevir!!

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Check with the local police. It may have been stolen and abandoned or washed away and reported missing.

Rec boat?

that boat is much more ww worthy than the boat I retrieved though still not very ideal, (no sprayskirt, more difficut turn, lack of foam walls or pillars) but at least it is designed to shed water and has some built in flotation.

Or is it a wreck boat?

Wreck boat! A rental in England on the Cam river. This wrental was awful compared to what I usually paddle.