Got my new paddle shoes in today.

The old ones were felt soled. Not allowed any more on much of the water I paddle. Let’s go! Oh. Snow is in the forecast again? Grrrrrrrr. Well, I do have that dry top and those dry pants a nice toasty warm T2 shirt…

I saw some nice photos of big fat fish taken on crawfish imitations today.

  • Big D

big d
congrats on the new shoes. The weather here has turned cold and rainy the last week, but the stripes are running up the elk right now, supposed to be nice this weekend, i will put some picks up if I have any luck…

All dressed up and nowhere to go
It’s good to hear everybody gearing up for another season.I guess this winter has given everybody cabin fever. If we can just manage to get some good whether to go in. Me and my fishing buddy went out last weekend and it had just turned cold again. Temps in the low to mid 30’s and the wind blowing. So it will be good to finally get some decent whether. New equipment sure dose make us antzy to get going. I bought my new boat and couldn’t wait to get it in the water so new shoes are just looking to get moving. Good luck!!!

so i dropped my camera in the water… not the first time either, think i would learn a bit… I did catch a bunch of small mouth today, about 8, however not one over 10"… bunch of little buddies