Got the Funk

in my neoprene booties. Very moldy smelling. Any suggestions for a soap or detergent to wash them with? Thanks.

Will bleach . . .
. . . damage neopreme?

I have had good luck soaking them in a bucket of vinegar and water.

Check this out from NRS

It’s called Sink the Stink!!

Cool, I’ll…
sink it. Thanks.

Change your handle . . .
It’s a bad affirmation. Remember, we create our own reality. Maybe try RoseToes, or splendorbreath or Aromafeet . . . something like that for a while.

Also, do the washing.

Dry them in the sun
they are going to stink after each time you wear them no matter what you use.



Stink is caused by bacteria
Bacteria thrive in warm, wet conditions. Bacteria don’t like dry, sunny conditions. Bacteria are SCARED TO DEATH by bleach, lysol and/or enzymes.

Bleach is your friend.

Dilute bleach.

But it burns tootsies


Distilled white vinegar.
Maybe 50/50 solution or 33/66% vinegar to water.

Even Allegheny funk can’t stand up to it.

Bleach will damage
Neoprene along with the glue’s used and anything else it comes in contact with.

Use white vinegar and warm water.

To prevent, use a wool sock in your neoprene booties. The stink will be on the sock instead of in the neo and you can wash the sock easily.


I wash mine out with a few shots of bleach, then flush with laund. det. and hot water a few times. No more bacteria, no more bleach, fresh smelling piggies.

Listerine works too
No joke.

Vinegar & H2O…
Mix vinegar/water…50/50…let soak overnight…wash with detergent (mine go in the washer)…dry in the sun…works for my water shoes everytime!

Very dilute bleach…
About 1/4 cup in a bucket (about 3 gal) of water kills the stinky microbes. I dunk everything, wait about a minute, then hose everything off with fresh water. Bleach in high concentrations will “bleach” the lycra covering on neoprene and can weaken nylon.

I’ve done my dive and paddle gear like that for 30+ years with no ill effects. Just enough bleach to smell chlorine, and you’re good to go…and it ain’t much.

Prevention is best, but…
if they’re already stinky, try a very dilute water-bleach solution. Let soak a few minutes, then rinse thoroughly with plain water. Put in bright sun to dry. I’ve done this at least a few times with all my booties, and they have not suffered any damage.

You may need more than one treatment for an already-existing stink.

I find that washing after every use with regular bar soap and hot water, then drying in the sun, keeps the stink away. I stick the bar into the boot, run hot water inside, then hold the top closed while I shake the boot vigorously. Let sit a minute, then remove the soap, rinse well, and dry.

I also avoid stinky water, having noticed that after paddling in some places there is almost no smell even without washing (e.g., Yellowstone Lake). At other places, the stink rises even when I’m still paddling.

Car, carpet deodorizer
Bought some stuff in a spray bottle to deodorize the interior of cars and doggy carpets.

Left the partially full bottle in my van.

Sprayed it in my neo-shoes during a two week trip after paddling while they were still wet.

It worked pretty well.

Not as good as the home washing solution. But that’s now my on-the-go practice for when I’m sleeping in my van, or staring out the windows at 40 days and 40 nights of rain, while ensconced up next to three pairs of bacteria booties.

I’m a diver and “Sink the Stink” is the best. Works like magic. Don’t mess with bleach, vinegar or any home solution. This stuff is great. Your booties or any stinky neoprene product will smell brand after using this stuff. Almost all dive shops carry it.

never have washed mine and have no
smell…if in fresh water i rinse in the river or lake and put on boot dryer (stays out all year round at our house) and dry them. never have had any odor.after salt water i rinse only w/ a hose and throw on the boot dryer when i get home. works morning i just throw them back in the car!