Got the kayak, whats next

Finally made a decision and bought a used Dagger Alchemy 14L and used Werner Shuna paddle. Will pick it up next weekend.

I’m in Worcester, MA.

Any suggestions on groups/clubs in the area?

Any suggestions on interesting places to paddle in the area for an inexperienced paddler? (I’ve taken a few classes, done wet exit, T-rescue and paddle float rescue. All flatwater paddling so far.)

Any suggestions on web sites or videos with good drills for improving technique?

I plan on doing a rolling class over the fall/winter and an introductory sea class, though might not get to that this seasons.

Thanks to all of you who have answered my previous posts!

Search ACA

I found this Youtube channel to be great. I tried a lot of the stuff they showed and it really helped me as a beginner.

Meetup groups & clubs
Worcester Paddling Meetup Group:

There are a few other paddling meetup groups in MA, NH and CT if you are willing to drive. The nearest clubs (afaik) are NSPN (North Shore Paddlers Network)and RICKA (Rhode Island Canoe and Kayak Assoc).

Cold Water Gear & More

Probably a drysuit and bootoes. Maybe pogies and a skull cap.

Nice Comfy PFD that is made for kayaking.

Dry bags with emergency/survival stuff


Self rescue skills

Assisted rescue skills

Bracing and Rolling

North Shore Paddlers Network
Seconding NSPN: