Got the new Kayak.

Just received the Ascend FS12T and I’m pretty stoked about it. Now if I can just get a day off work to put it in the water. It looks good in the garage and all, but will be much better on the lake.

Paddle safe. If you live in a cold-water environment, it’s pretty ugly timing for getting on a lake.

Thank you…
I live is podunk southern Arizona and it’s been surprisingly warm this winter. I guess that’s one benefit of living here.

AZ Kayaker
I’m in AZ too. I’m looking at buying a few kayaks soon and was curious how you’re storing your kayaks and if you’re worried about the heat warping them at all?

Heat can warp your kayaks
Worse, sun can cause the plastic to become brittle.

Store them indoors if possible or in the shade if not to prevent drying out. If you don’t have a shaded area, build one with a tarp. You can get cheap tarps at Harbor Freight Tools on-line. Use Aerospace 303 once a quarter or so if they’re stored outside to help with UV protection. Don’t worry about the heat issue. It’ll cause some bumps in the bottom (assuming you store bottom side up). It will probably “oilcan” your hull. It won’t affect performance one iota and is nothing to worry about.

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Kayak Storage in AZ
Cool. I’m probably picking mine up this weekend. I was going to install some racks inside my garage so it won’t be exposed to sunlight just that lovely oven-like heat. Are you storing yours outside?

Outside in a shaded area
My Royalex canoe has a UV canoe-specific cover. My aluminum canoe doesn’t care. It is conveniently located on the TOP of my rack to provide more shade and cover to the plastic kayaks beneath. My inflatables are stored deflated inside a shed.

All of this is likely to change in the near term when I redo the storage area to add a camper to it.

Hey plbytx
I store my boats outside in 100+ and haven’t had a problem. You do have to keep them out of the sun. If your garage is not air conditioned it’s probably hotter in there than ouside. I built a storage rack out of PVC pipe. You can also store it upside down instead of on it’s side.

Got the Yak
Well I got the kayak and bought the Malone J-Docks. I’m also picking one up for the lady of the house. I’ll keep an eye on them as we go through the summer heat and post any changes.