GP and pogies question

Do pogies fit around Greenland Paddles okay? I am intrigued by the GP’s and but have some Kokotat pogies that i really like, but they just barely go around my Werner paddle shaft. Any feedback on this?


GP’s are usually made custom to the user’s metrics, which includes the circumference of the loom. My pogies (not Kokatat) fit fine around my GP’s but then I have somewhat small hands. A GP made for a paddler with larger hands would have a thicker loom.

I would not let the question of whether or not pogies fit the paddle be a deal breaker on going to a GP. The benefits of a GP FAR outweigh any advantages of using or not using pogies with it.

Yes, no problem
I use pogies with my Greenland paddles. The paddles have relatively large looms (1 1/2" by 1 1/4"). Both sets of pogies I have (Mountain Surf Oven mitts and Snapdragon Hyperhands) work great. The fit around the loom is a little snug, but the pogies will still slide nicely for an extended paddle position. It is amazing how effective pogies are for keeping your hands warm while touring, even when it is very cold and windy. The only limitation is for surfing and rolling in cold water, when your bare hands will be immersed. I sometimes wear an extra pair of thin gloves if surfing in cold water.

Can you slide with pogies?
? Seems like pogies would defeat a major part of the greenland paddle technique? No?


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If you were to ask on the Greenland forums you'd very likely be pointed towards mitts...;md=read;id=616191

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neo gloves
Bill’s right–with pogie’s you lose a lot of what’s unique about a GP, especially the ability to use the entire length of the paddle for sliding strokes, bracing and rolling.

Great feedback…i would have a
a large loom when and if i end up with a GP…no the pogies that i have would not be the deal breaker…just was wondering. I paddled just with the pogies yesterday and removed them to put on gloves for rolling practice, then i did some more paddling with the gloves…i definitely felt less restricted without the pogies, but you can’t beat them for warmth…and i have to assume that the wood would overall just be warmer anyway. A GP is in my future sometime soon. I saw a lot of great GP post here lately. Very helpful.

you can slide with pogies
part way up the blade, enough to get an extended paddle position. You can adjust the velcro closures to allow enough room for sliding.