GP and torso rotation question

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Just broke in my new GP that i made in a workshop with Cheri and Turner. Paddled into some pretty strong winds all weekend (5-6 hrs. of paddling)i have shoulder issues but my shoulders feel great even thought this was my first outing this yr.. But my question is kinda silly and just got me curious... does anyone burp a lot when really working the abs and working on their rotation? With any kind of paddle? Hope this means that i am doing something right?
Also, will the paddle tell you where it's suppose to be naturally? It kinda seemed like that to me, i just let it decide and went with that. Hope that makes sense to everyone. Can't get a lesson with Cheri and Turner until June. Thanks.

Well, I don’t think torso rotation will have any effect on burping for most, though I can’t say this for certain. I don’t have this issue, but then, assuming that I’m paddling correctly, which may or may not be the case, this does not mean that my body responds as your does to the same stresses/motions.

Most likely, burping is more related to eating/drinking and the amount of air generated from those activities rather than any external stress on the body. Yeah, it’s possible that there are some effects from same (at least one theory suggests that side stitches are due to gas pressures induced by exercise, but last I looked nobody was positive about that), but even if it is possible, it’d be hard to say that your individual response is caused by paddling technique.


Yeah… Acid Indigestion
Mostly when I first started getting it right. Not so much now. TUMS helps.

Don’t swallow the spray
It helps when you don’t swallow the water

breaking over your boat :slight_smile:

No acid in my tummy…
just occasional burps…but i do snack and drink water while paddling. No sprays coming up over the deck to speak of… but thanks. Just wondered if it was the squeezing of the abdominal muscles or something.

I think it’s possible that burps reflect
initial difficulty coordinating the low angle twisting motion with the breathing rhythm.

One suggestion. You know you can “stop” air motion in your airway, voluntarily or without noticing it. Try to use mouth breathing and keep air moving steadily in and out. Check whether you are trapping air and forcing it down the esophagus, like we did when we belched voluntarily in 6th grade.

Another possibility is that you’re eating a bunch of gas-producing stuff before paddling, and effort and paddling motion are stirring it up. I doubt it, but you can take simethicone to absorb the gas.

I do usually eat before leaving for a
paddle or while i paddle…salad the other day with cukes and broccoli…yep…i see the connection w/ that. I almost breath thru’ my nose i think. Anyway, just wondered if anyone experienced this or if it was just me. Like i said, it’s only sometimes. quirky, that’s all.

I’m a good …
paddling burper. In my case it’s associated with drinking through a tube from a hydrator or camelback bottle. When I don’t use a hydrator and just use a regular water bottle I do not have the problem. So, I assume it is caused by sucking excess air through the tube when I drink.

OK then…
i must be sucking in air and wind up for rotation…i will pay more attention.Thanks.


Occasional burping from rushed meal
Seems to result mainly from rushing while eating breakfast (or snack) before paddling, though sometimes I feel like torso rotation aggravates the problem. But it resolves itself naturally after a short while. No acid reflux, just air. I doubt paddle type makes any diff.

I avoid spicy food before sports. Booze or soda would probably be another trigger, though I have never drunk it before doing anything physically active.

The Rest of Your Question
Yes, for me a GP naturally kinda finds it’s own efficient cant or whatever you call it. Doesn’t matter if I use it high or low angle; it still kinda finds that right ‘grab’.

Yes…i usually am rushing
to get a bite in before leaving…and the boat launch is a 1/2 mile down the rd. from my house. I belch with a euro blade also, but i really try and work on rotation every time i paddle. I am guessing that i am sucking in air as i set up for rotation. I will have to pay attention, but at least i know that i am not the only one. It was a silly question, but i was curious just the same.

It’s not a silly question
I’ve sometimes burped a while at the beginning of bike rides or hikes, too. Kind of rules out torso rotation as the main cause.

Remember how parents used to say “Wait an hour before swimming”? I guess water pressure from immersion makes burping more likely, but it’s pretty good advice generally. Not as important if you gradually ease into the activity, but (to me at least) there’s no such thing as easing into swimming.

BTW, make sure you have waited well past burping stage to start roll practice! That’s pretty much a guarantee to cause burping if I’ve rushed breakfast.

Howdy, NH neighbor
I’m breaking in my paddle as well - also built it up at C&T’s barn. New the the GL stick and getting a lot of air in the water on my strokes. Lots of corrections I need to make too.

What Helped Me:
“Keep your elbows down.”

What Helped Me:
“Keep your elbows down.”


Sucking too much air (and water?)
Your comment reminds of something that happened on a group mountain bike ride years ago. A new guy met the rest of us who had ridden together before. Another fellow took off fast and I went with him, while New Guy and two others trailed behind. Eventually we stopped to regroup, and then it happened…the massive puking up of clear water. Because it was a hot day, New Guy had enthusiastically overachieved his goal of hydration via Camelbak. He lost it all right then and there. We all tried not to gawk too hard at how long he puked. It just kept coming.

He must’ve been super-nervous about keeping up with the group, because it never happened again.

So watch out that burped air doesn’t become liquid instead!