GP attached to roof rack Question

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Anyone attaching their GP's to their roof rack? I am sure a lot of you are doing are you securing them down safely? Is there an after market device? Or are you just using bungees?


I’ve Done it a Time or Two
I used a couple of cable ties. You know; plastic ratchety things for bundling wires together.

When going on vacation and the car is loaded and space is at a premium, I bungee them to the roof rack. No problems, plus a bonus… a happy wife not having a chunk of red cedar to manuever around every time she gets in and out of the car.

extra wraps of the 15 foot line around the GP.

I hesitate to cut those NRS straps.

Works for a pole too but you gotta make sure those wraps are tight in that case.

I use Yakima Multimounts
and they work great for the one piece WW paddle, too, in addition to carrying the GP’s.

thought about it
Since I have always had station wagons I’ve always stuck them in the car. But now that the vehicle I have is shorter than the previous ones my GP intrudes into the front seat annoyingly so I have been considering roof options. I bought a length of cheap nylon faced neoprene and plan to make a flat sheath for the paddle then fasten it to the rack with short buckle straps (I don’t trust bungees for rack mounting anything). If I was hauling a couple of GP’s over some distance/time, I would use an 8 foot length of 4" PVC pipe with caps, like I used to use to carry all-thread and Unistrut on my truck rack for construction jobs. Keeps things protected and clean.

Second this
I have the older version but the newer one works too. Don’t believe the one review I saw that says they don’t work with Thule bars. They do.

Hmmm, I wonder if these could be adapted
for strapping wider objects… If one end of the strap is attached to the bar the other can wrap around the kayak/other large object, and the other end goes through the clamp on the multimount…

Don’t forget front and rear tiedowns !
Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Jack L

If I were going to do that
I’d try sliding the GP inside an old MTB inner tube before strapping or tying it on. Just to prevent “strap band chafe” through the wood or its finish. You could also wrap a flattened tube around it (spiral) for protection before securing to the roof.

One-piece paddles are a PITA to transport.

What roof rack?

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They fit nicely inside the middle of the Thule 830 stacker.

some great tips here, i agree they
are troublesome to transport. I have wagon also, but travel with other people that have Prius’s and such.Just no room and want to safely attach elsewhere. wrapping it 1st with something like neoprene would keep chaffing to a minimum. Good point.

Wetzool…i don’t have a
Traveling with a Prius owner.

Don’t strap it down too tight. No need to ding nor dent a nice paddle.

+1 on Yakima Multimounts.
The rubberized straps have a nice grab to them, so a couple of wraps around the GP blade or shaft keeps the stick snug and immobile.


easily transporting a GP
After a bit of work, GPs are no harder to transport than most paddles. All one has to do is install a carbon ferrule in the center of the paddle and transport it in halves.

This is not a rhetorical answer—my 2 GPs with ferrules easily fit in my Rav4 without intruding on passenger space.


GP aerodynamics don’t need tiedowns
Sort of like a spoiler on a car. :slight_smile:

GP transport
Agree that Yakima Multimounts work very well.

If you have the older Yakima TLC type saddles you can thread the paddles in the space underneath the cradles, and hold them in place with the integral strap (pull down a loop of the webbing on each side and slide the paddle through). I’ve gone from Florida to Lake Superior with this method many times.

A 4" or larger PVC tube secured to the roof, and fitted with an easy opening end-cap will hold multiple paddles.

For local trips I usually just throw my one-piece paddles inside the car.

Greg Stamer

now use PVC tube
I used to strap to cross bars with bungee for longer trips to keep arm rest open for lovely wife and self to share. We now use a length of 6 inch, thin wall PVC strapped to roof outboard one hull. One end has glued cap, the other has removable test cap with wing nut. It holds 3 GP’s and 2 fishing rods (less reels). Also has drain holes in bottom down length. I can snap pictures if needed.