GP bag

I’m looking for a bag to carry a couple of GPs. I saw one that looked like a long fleece bag stiched into two separate pockets that fold over. This is what I have in mind - anyone have a source for this?

Sounds like
it would be simple enough to make. Do you know anyone who sews? KK

Superior Kayaks
Superior Kayaks makes a cordura nylon paddle bag for 2 paddles. Here is the link

That looks good, I like the double bag style. In the meantime, I found this fleece bag at Black Dog:

Not sure whether I’ll buy a double cordura or two single fleece bags, cost is about the same.


the blackdog, very nice, good service. also have the superior cordura and like the fleece better.

Thanks for the comparison. My GPs go through the hatchback of my Mini and rest between the front seats and on the back seats, so I think the fleece is a good idea to protect the leather upholstery. Also, maybe the paddles can actually dry out eventually through the fleece, so that’s what I’ll use. I may even tie or stitch them together so I only have to pick up one bag.

Thanks, Carl