gp hand placement

Wondering how others hold their gp? I like two fingers over the shoulder. You find that your arms are farther part, than when using a euro paddle?

Finger and Thumb on the Loom
The rest of the hand on the shoulder.

Hands are about the same distance apart as with the euro.

Two fingers on the blade
the rest on the loom. My hands are closer together than with a euro.

The type of greenland paddle
I use has a 20" loom, so for touring I have my thumb and fore finger around the loom and my other three fingers wrapped over the root of the blade. When I want a more aggressive stroke I slide my hands out onto the root of the blade for a wider grip. Even this wider grip is not as wide of a grip as I would use with a euro paddle.

What is the GP you are asking about made

There are currently at least two types made. Most are made to have most of your hands on the blades. Others are made to have your hands completely on the loom, like Betsie Bay Greenland Paddles.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages.



what rex and don said
thumb and forefinger at shoulder, remainder of fingers splayed out across blade. loom is usually narrower consistent with elbows in/down and lower angle stroke. don’t forget to keep hands relaxed (upper hand open) as this will make it much easier to maintain cant through the full stroke.

same here
I think my hands may be just slightly closer together though than I place them on the Euro (which I almost never use any more.)