GP paddle on plane - any worries?

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I will do a bit of paddling in the greater Seattle area in a rental boat. Am also going to demo some other boats. I use a Greenland Style Paddle and was thinking of taking that along with a few other select pieces of gear. I figured I could tape it up in some bubble wrap. Does anyone think this is a bad idea (obviously it would be checked luggage). I just don't want it to crack or get broken. It would be my oldest of 3 paddles, so not the end of the world it something were to happen to it.

Flying with GPs
For one piece paddles I put them in a PVC tube with end caps and a handle made from duct tape. The handle does more than provide a carry point, it prevents the tube from rolling (should it be placed on top the baggage cart, etc). Check the baggage fine print as you may have to pay oversized charges due to length, and that gets expensive when you pay coming and going.

Baggage fees are what forced me to get some carbon 2 piece GPs. I rarely fly with the one piece paddles anymore. Too expensive nowadays.

Helen Wilson tells a funny story of how she padded the ends of two GPs and used them like crutches, and they let her on the plane, but seeing that a GP looks like a Maori war club, I wouldn’t advise this…

Greg Stamer

That’s hilarious. Also, good to hear from you Greg. I took my first Greenland style paddle class from you many many moons ago (seems like about 20 years) at a Sweetwater Symposium.

I only
have flown with 4 or 5 piece Greenland paddles…put right in my suitcase with my dry suit, socks and underwear.

Good Luck

Best Wishes


Plan B
You could ship the paddle via UPS or USPS to your destination ahead of time if you have an address, and same for the trip back if it’s cheaper…