gp paddling in cold weather

Now that i am hooked on my gp paddle and love using it, I would appreciate some suggestions on how to keep my hands “dry and warm” this fall when this Pennsylvania weather turns cold. Any particular glove brands that you like would be helpful as i have some neoprenes that dont keep my hands dry and it will be too cold with wet hands. I would prefer not to have to change back to my euro paddles if at all possible.


bungee drip loops
Just tie a tight loop of 1/4" bungee around the GP with the knot on the bottom - it works great as a drip ring.

Many people who use GPs (myself included) wear mittens. Since you do lose some feel for the paddle, having a shouldered paddle design really helps.

The Greenlanders use a mitten with a thumb on each side. Once one side gets waterlogged, they simply turn them over and use the other side.

If you are a DIY type, check out Shawn Baker’s article on “Custom Neoprene Mitts

A Simplified Procedure” in the Summer '04 issue of the MASIK at .

Brooks mitts are OK, but during my recent Iceland trip I used levelsix mittens which worked very well. They are easier to don than the Brooks, have “sticky rubber” on the outside for a good grip, and have a “nose wipe” pad (which is generally useless since your hands are usually wet). At 2.5mm they are a little thinner than the Brooks. FYI, I have no affiliation with levelsix.

Greg Stamer

Deep See Dry Comfort Gloves
work well for cheaters :slight_smile: and they’re waterproof. They can be found dive shops.


Glacier Gloves
If you want a water proof glove that gives you a good grip on the paddle the Glacier Glove really works well. They’ll keep your hands dry unless your rolling.

When it gets really cold I use neoprene mittens. They aren’t 100% dry but they keep my hands the warmest. If you have some neoprene laying around their pretty easy to make.

…neoprene alone does what you’ve
experienced. Gloves need another layer in combination to stay dry. NRS also makes some…


Neoprene Mitts / Nordic Blues
I use a GP year round in far northern NY. Neoprene mitts work very well except in the coldest months. For the latter, I recommend Nordic Blue -type dry gloves. I made my own “Nordic Blues” by gluing wrist seals to Atlas 490 Gloves. In combination with glove liners, they are superb for sub-freezing temps.

Glacier gloves under…
…and NRS Toaster mitts over them when its cold. I like the mitts regarding GP use and the glaciers keep my hands dry and warm under them.

I use glacier gloves alone from Oct - Dec though when its not quite as cold in the water or air.


Thank you
All your info is much appreciated.