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I switched to a GP last year and just purchased an Outer Island for long day paddles and rolling. My primary paddling goal for next season is to learn a few more of the Greenland rolls. At present I have a reasonably reliable back deck roll, and little else. There are descriptions of the various Greenland rolls on the InterNet, but I have yet to find in one place a text or website with a teaching progression that would work for self-instruction purposes. (Greg Stamer, where is your book .) Text + pics is good; video is even better. Perhaps the experienced GP rollers on P-Net could build one for us?

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Airwave did an entry to rolling
video but I couldn’t come up with the link. Maybe he’ll repost it. I’m far from expert on the issue, but my progression started from the balance brace and side sculling. Then standard roll (with extended paddle), storm roll, window shade roll, armpit roll, and I’m currently working on the reverse roll.

I am having problems with the full reverse roll, so I got a hint to break it down and work on just the recovery portion by capsizing on the finish side with the paddle extended skyward. This is teaching me to slow the sweep down. Hope to pull it all together this winter.

If you haven’t seen them go here for videos:


Greg’s suggested progression
Greg gives his suggested roll progression here:

I would add a butterfly roll sometime before learning the norsaq roll.


I did post …

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some clips a while back:

fairly new to it
I started with sculling and balance brace, the standard layback roll, on to butterfly roll, then crook of the arm, armpit with the long paddle, armpit with the storm paddle, norsaq and then hand roll. I was essentially working toward having less paddle with each roll until there was no paddle. There are more to do, but I’m working on the forward finishes now. After all of these rolls ending up on the back deck, it’s counter-intuitive, I feel like a clutz.

This link has some descriptions of the rolls:

have fun learning


here’s some video clips…